#AskNMC is a place for all to come for all things real estate. Each episode will be a different real estate related topic to keep you educated. NMC Realty is dedicated to making the home buying and selling process as effortless as possible for her clients by using her knowledge to collaborate with the other party and create win-win situations! The NMC Realty Team has earned her 55+ five-star reviews on Zillow. The skills she has acquired prior to and during her real estate career have proven to be invaluable. In today’s ever-changing society, cultural and market awareness and the ability to accommodate a diversity of clientele are musts.

What is the timing of home purchase & How long does it take to buy a home?

What is TBD approved?

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How many homes should you see before making an offer?

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Do you need to upgrade your home before putting it on the market?

What is an ADU?

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What is a sales contingency?

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In this video we talk about home projects with Andrew Schaffner from McGraw Architect.

Working together and strong communication is 🔑.

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