This was not a game, this is US, the Christopherson Family. A year ago, this month we ventured to Austin, TX. First as a married couple for 3 days to learn as much as possible for our home, office needs of NMC Realty and SureCo Health. We explored the city and hill country immediately upon arrival while we darted to any “Just Listed” property or off market opportunity we had learned about via or local professionals, at Spanish Oaks & Prothro Group. I mean 48 hours from landing to signing a purchase contract was something I hadn’t ever dreamed of. Our motto is Work Hard, Smile Large and we leave no time to waste.

Following what was a very long November and December of exploration elsewhere (More to come in future posts), The market here was and is HOT. We had limited time and we had been through this ball game before….

This picture captured my relief, my heart smiling at my hubby though the lens.

When you're moving at light speed and making some of the biggest investments & decisions of your life you often feel like it's not real, like you're on vacation, you cannot imagine accomplishing so much in such little time, but then, you realize it's all possible.

From helping hundreds of families find their homes, downsize, upsize, invest and relocate we sincerely speak from experience and every adventure allows us to get even more connected with our clients. We understand this process inside and out! We are your trusted advisors and we speak from experience. 

Come with me on this journey, hear my story. Lights, Camera, adventure

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