The Summer heat has never been hotter! But as the scorching days begin to shorten and school resumes, parents have a tough job making sure their children are ready to head back into the classroom. Supporting their kids involves more than just buying a new pack of pencils and notebooks. Below is useful information for parents that will help get their kids ready to go back to school.

Ensuring Your Child’s Success

Regardless of which school your child attends, a healthy mindset is crucial. Texas National Title outlines a multitude of tips to help ensure your child an easy transition from summer back to school. Here are three of their most important ones:

  1. Establish a sleep routine

Having a sleep routine trains the brain to get up at the same time each day. It’s easy to allow kids to stay up late, especially on weekends during the summer. However, establishing a bedtime will keep kids energized instead of groggy. Staying away from iPhones or TV is a good idea while making this transition. Bright screens at night serve as a stimulant for the mind. A calming activity, like reading a book, will help rambunctious children fall asleep faster. 

  1. Develop a healthy eating pattern

Kids who have a nutritious breakfast tend to do better in school. They have more energy to focus in class and study for tests. While it may not be your child’s favorite meal of the day, it might be their most important one!

  1. Ability to identify priorities

Time management is a crucial skill that kids, and even some adults, have trouble maintaining. Their three main focus points should be on learning, social life, and freedom of choice. If children learn how to balance their schedules, it will help them down the line once they develop busier schedules.

A Charter School’s Guide 

Not only do healthy habits help students in the classroom, a child’s environment can have a huge effect on their educational experience as well. Much like district schools, Charter schools provide students with free education. Charter schools, however, are not designated to specific districts, so families have the ability to choose which charter school is the best fit for their kids. You can find a list of charter schools Central Texas has to offer here.

Texas’ Top-Listed Private Schools

On the other hand, private institutes are individually run and funded. This means they provide all curriculum and instructional materials for their students. These types of schools do not receive funding from the federal government, and as such can teach curriculum of their choosing. This allows for a more personal, tailored curriculum for students. The top 3 ranked private institutes in central Texas are as follows:

  1. Regents School of Austin ($12,755-$20,355)
  2.  St. Andrew’s Episcopal School ($25,400-$32,150)
  3. Hyde Park Schools ($10,400-$20,487)

You can find more information on these schools and other highly-ranked private institutes here.

If education and school systems are on the top of your list for your current or future family, contact the NMC team to find a home that’s right for you and your schooling needs.

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