So often, we marvel at a staged home, hoping to maintain the same look and feel that existed when toured and photographed. Replicating this design isn't as grand or expensive as once thought. By investing in minor updates, homeowners can achieve luxury staging without breaking the bank.


Don't Get Overwhelmed. Where to Start 

A fundamental design rule is to identify the circulation and flow of your space. Focus on what you need to make it more functional to your lifestyle. While you'll want five-star home details, don't update at the expense of comfortability. Simple changes like wall color, lighting and maximizing space can transform any home.


Begin where the bulk of home entertaining happens, the hub of the home, the kitchen. This is the perfect place in the house to begin playing with different textures and materials. For example, switch out your countertops with quartz. Its scratch-resistant foundation makes it look new for years without losing its shine. It's also ideal for a room where messes are inevitable because it's easy to clean.  


If replacing countertops seems excessive, start small with the cabinets. Focus on the finishes of knobs or handles, switching to solid brushed stainless steel or brush brass. Install a statement lighting piece to establish a flow from your kitchen to the dining room. Not only will this extenuate the room with natural light, but it also creates an illusion depending on the time of day, opening the space during the day and mysterious at night.


Bring the Spa Home with You 

With a few key steps, your bathroom can become a relaxing oasis. This space is largely full of hard surfaces; one way to make the environment softer is by updating the wall color. For elegance, apply deep browns, navy blues and creams with a dash of monochrome.


One simple technique to add a modern touch to any room is emphasizing its existing design. For example, replace traditional bathroom fan covers with elaborate designs that are distinctive to the space. The best part is, typically, these require no installation hardware and can be painted to match the ceiling or preferred wall color.


Embrace your Inner Marie Kondo 

To maintain a sense of minimalism, create more space with storage that can be neatly displayed or tucked away; everything in your home should have a place. Take time to organize and declutter what may bring you stress, filling your space with useful decor.


Personality and Practicality 

The room's colors and shapes should attract people to it. You can easily elevate the common area with a statement wall, whether it's a built-in bookcase or playing with wallpaper, which is more functional than previously thought. Wallpapers come in many geometric designs to naturescapes, eliminating the mess and finality of painting, and quickly shifting the room from blasé to beautiful.

The most important aspect of luxury design is curating the space to what YOU need from it, playing with designs that fit your needs. It can be as simple as purchasing seasonal plants to bring the outdoors inside. No matter, the team at NMC Realty Group takes your eye for design into great consideration when touring homes.

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