Buying a Turnkey Home

Buying a home is an exciting journey, especially when you can choose between a new construction project, a fixer-upper home or a turnkey property - a recently built home that is already fully finished and ready for occupancy. When buying a home, most buyers today are looking for turnkey properties with finishing touches that make their new home look and feel complete. 


Buyers want to move into the home without worrying about renovation or DIY projects. This type of property has completed and ready-for-sale features, such as updated kitchens, bathrooms, and perhaps paintings on the walls. While it may sound convenient for some buyers, there are both positives and negatives to consider.



For these buyers, convenience is a major factor. They want to buy a home that can be used as soon as they move in and don't want to waste time or money finishing a remodel, which can take months. Most modern buyers prioritize convenience and don't want to wait for repairs, renovations, or furniture. 


Another benefit of turnkey construction projects is that they come with no surprises. You get to see and know what you are buying before you purchase the property. Since the project is complete, turnkey properties are easier to inspect than traditionally built homes. No construction materials are left lying around, nor are there builders working on or around the site to distract you as you examine the house.



Buyers of turnkey homes tend to pay more for convenience and may be willing to pay more if the home is already furnished, painted, or decorated with beautiful accessories. Quality is also important to these buyers. If they buy a home that is already complete, they don't want to worry about replacing outdated appliances or fixtures. 


The limited customization of a turnkey construction project can be viewed as a negative; purchasing a home already fully designed and built according to a pre-determined plan may not have key wishlist features. Turnkey properties are generally designed to appeal to the mass market. As a result, some may find these homes to have limited architectural character. In some cases, the homes can look the same as the surrounding buildings, which may not sit well with homeowners who are seeking something unique.


Want a turnkey home? 

Turnkey homes may also have landscaping, decks, patios, and other finished outdoor features that help new owners settle in and enjoy the property without worrying about landscaping or other projects. Overall, when buyers are focused on purchasing a turnkey home, they look for convenience, quality, and comfort. They want a home that is ready to use with beautiful finishing touches. They want to move in and enjoy their new property without worrying about renovations or projects.


If it's a turnkey, ready-ready-to-move-in home you want, the NMC team can help navigate all the options in your area. Come with your list of must-haves and deal breakers, and we will find the right home for you.

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