Grab a pair of your comfiest walking shoes and celebrate National Walk in the Park Day, celebrated annually on March 30, to encourage investment in health in a more maintainable way. Studies and research testify how walking positively affects mental and physical health. While also being a top-selling feature for real estate listings. 


The Importance of Walking

Regularly taking a walk-in nature can act as a remedy for chronic mental health conditions. Enjoying the great outdoors has been found to alleviate symptoms related to depression and anxiety, coyly referred to as a nature prescription, Park Rx. With the right dosage, benefits may also include stress relief and improvement in mood and sleep – contributing to increased mental alertness. 


If you feel your stress suddenly melt away after a walk, you're not imagining it. Walks increase blood flow and circulation, positively impacting your central nervous response system. So, with every step you take, 6,000 to be exact, you are simultaneously calming your nerves. There are also benefits to walking with a friend or family member. Doing so one to two days a week for an average of 10 to 30 minutes can ward off negative moods and depression and improve your self-esteem; plus, it's a great excuse to meet up with a friend.  


It should be noted that while walking provides abundant benefits, do not substitute it for certified medical treatments. 


Parks and Neighborhoods 

Now, if scrapped for time for a walk in the park, simply living near one has extra perks. Community members can easily gather and interact in its open space. Such social cohesion reduces neighborhood crime, with neighbors more likely to support and protect each other


Parks not only encourage individual healthy choices, but they also positively impact the health of the population. With an abundant greenery ecosystem, parks are credited with improving air quality, offsetting impacts from severe weather and regulating temperature. Combined, these factors can immensely impact early childhood development, with children taking to nature for a more hands-on learning approach. The real estate industry has also found that parks enhance property values and increase municipal revenue


However, not all of us are privy to an adjacent park. In that case, settling in a residential area with a view of nature may be beneficial. Residents who had views of trees from their windows were found to be less aggressive than those who did not. 


If you hope to celebrate this annual day next year with a walk in the park, don't hesitate to contact the NMC Realty Group team. With a pulse on the ground, we can find a property within walking distance of a local community park.

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