Before our masks disappear in O.C. miraculously this week, 2/16/2022, and NMC Realty in ATX officially transitions to having nationwide and worldwide affiliation, I need to tell the story. The story of how my families adventure kicked off in late 2020.

What were you doing in November 2020?

Well the Christopherson’s were traveling, flying on airplanes, amongst the public and learning that an “adventure” awaited albeit outside of California state lines. Who, What, When, Where and Why? These key topics were a never-ending conversion with our household. It’s something that took flight and never stopped soaring until the perfect match was found. We explored Nevada, Arizona, Texas… Landed in Dallas and spent over 25 days in the Dallas area collectively between November and December 2020. I will share more details about this location and how much we learned, loved and gained from our Dallas explorations.

Then we were almost simultaneously redirected to Austin by the end of January 2021. WHAT?!?!?

In less than 90 days we had discovered potential locations, corporate offices, communities and schools where we could see ourselves living, working and raising our daughters.

This journey we choose to call our “adventure” was nothing short of emotional. I will speak the truth in these on how challenging our thought process and comfort zones has rewarded us with the memorable journey we have to share.

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