Researching for an office is much like a home search. There is a list of wants and needs:

📍 Location: nearby food & lodging

🚗 Commute time / parking availability

☀️ Lighting

📐 Layout


We all know that you can work from anywhere in real estate. If you’re our family, you know that we pretty much never stop working. You can catch us every several minutes at mid-glance for a quick email review by phone OR you are distracted by a swift extraction of a laptop to draft an offer. However, productivity takes place in an office environment like no other space. WE gather in an office, we share ideas, we create space to implement our thoughts into action. We are preparing our #NMCATX office space, we have added pops of color and team style desks to collaborate at. Stay tuned for more! 

Let’s explore what offices we enjoy visiting… The smiley face is my husband’s company logo SureCo. They want happy heathy people and are striving to integrate all systems and “spokes” in the healthcare industry so that they all integrate more efficiently for the consumers!! People like us, our family, friends and for our children’s future. The kids absolutely LOVE being Sureco cheerleaders, integrating their logo & motto into their daily lives.

Not to mention the “Work Hard, Smile Large” motto we live by. Our team at NMC and my family feel the needs to spread smiles and energy everywhere we go. Know that this journey came with challenges, fear of change, loss, and emotions. It also strengthened us, our style of conducting business, our love of life and the ability to adapt. We are forever grateful for the push and inspiration to take flight on this adventure.

We will be sharing more for the Team NMC office in Austin via video in the coming weeks so stay tuned for an inside look 👀 at our office vibes and keep sharing your thoughts or inquiries on what relocation has you thinking about.

Work With Us

Whether it is establishing a sales price, holding open houses, accepting offers, or closing escrow, we will communicate with you on a regular basis