With so much competition in the seller’s market, homeowners must make their homes stand out if they hope to sell for their asking price. But staging a home can be a daunting task but a vital one when selling. 

Why Does Staging Matter?

Staging a home is the first step to success in selling a house. The main goal of staging is to help potential buyers create an emotional connection with the house they tour. Buyers need to be able to visualize what it would be like if they, or loved ones, moved into the space. Stocking a pantry is the perfect small touch to add to a kitchen. If the pantry looks fantastic, potential buyers will get excited just thinking about cooking with all those ingredients. They’ll begin to imagine themselves in the space cooking food for their family or friends. 

This will create a positive connotation with that specific house for the potential buyer, making the home more desirable. With the help of Graceful Spaces, NMC has staged many pantries before and provided potential buyers with a memorable experience when staging homes. Staging will create a more attractive and inviting atmosphere for potential buyers. And in turn, the house's market price will go up.

Potential Problems to Avoid

Although staging a home seems simple enough, there are a few potential issues with staging that homeowners should be sure to avoid. One of the most common mistakes homeowners will make when staging their home is putting too many items in a specific space. Clutter is not appealing to the eye. Moreover, so much décor can actually take away from the living space itself. It prohibits potential buyers from noticing the best qualities of the house’s structure. It can take away from their own ideas of how to fill the space. 

Staging will help showcase a house’s best traits. However, homeowners need clean accent pieces instead of tons of furniture. Teaming up with a realtor with a true eye for design will help find exactly what you want to create that connection with your future home and share their knowledge every step.

What NMC can do for You

Staging is used to show off a home’s best features. But first, you need to know where to start. With the help of NMC’s team, they will provide beneficial insight on how to stage your home for selling purposes best. Using sustainable products when staging a home is a great idea. Decorative pillows, art pieces, and fancy lighting are all great examples of how to make a home standout that are relatively affordable. 

Moreover, these pieces can even stay in the home upon purchase. Using pieces that can be purchased by the potential buyer will make a house memorable. They’ll feel like they’re receiving a steal, and they may even form an attachment to certain pieces! Staging that lasts is a huge plus when conducting home tours. But collaboration matters. NMC has worked with other realty groups, such as Graceful Spaces and 3 Day Blinds, to help transform living quarters. NMC’s team usually begins by measuring rooms to determine how to highlight a home’s features. 

The team will also share insight to ensure each home receives the attention it deserves. For example, NMC has worked with 3 Day Blinds to find the best electric roller shades to fit a house's ambiance. Windows need just as much attention as the living space. 3 Day Blinds has offered great insight into what type of décor on the wall will match with the décor on the floor. 

Moving in can be just as stressful, especially if you’re moving somewhere new and don’t have others to help you move into that space. NMC has worked with Graceful Spaces to help consumers unpack when moving into a new home. NMC is ready to help you with any inquiries about staging or collaborations they can offer!

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