Our first explorations in the Dallas area consisted of commercial properties and driving through communities. 

 I was developing professional relationships and had narrowed our livability to several blocks and a revised future dwelling plan for my family.

HA! HA! I laugh at myself thinking this was it.  But legit… We were highly attracted to a new custom home. Visited it numerous times with a phenomenal agent Janelle Alcantra.  We brought our friend and business partner of my husbands to the visit the property, plus we arranged evening viewings to truly capture its beauty.  

That shifted when the company hadn’t been able to solidify their commercial lease prior to us purchasing a home. At that monumental decision we had lost the home to another buyer. 

The fear of loss~ I encounter this often in our industry. We win some, we loose some, but we always know we tried. We always reassure ourselves that everything happens or rather happened for a reason. 

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