Enjoying turkey with family and friends, the rush to fill your cart with Black Friday deals, and getting the perfect gifts for Hanukkah and Christmas - these are the things we think of during those last few weeks of November.  Buying a home?  Not so much.  However, this is actually a great time for house hunting, particularly when it's a seller's market!

The weather may be frightful, but the house-hunting can be so delightful...

Rain and cold, family in town, and parties to attend means that the competition for that perfect home is much less.  Most buyers are not looking to buy this time of year, so the stress that comes with being one of multiple offers will be gone.  You stand a better chance of being the only offer for the home you are dreaming of.

The sellers want to sell-ebrate, too.

This time of year is not an ideal time to sell a home - sellers have friends and parties, too.  If someone puts their home on the market in December, they most likely have a good reason for doing so and are therefore more motivated.

And speaking of taxes...

There can be many advantages to selling during a year when you may have had a large income change.  Homes that close December 31st are subject to current year tax laws.  Additionally, in 2020 property laws will be getting a review in Sacramento and the long-standing Prop. 13 may no longer be what we currently know.

When it rains, it...

gives a buyer a realistic idea of the roof.  Water damage, leaks, and flooding issues are all more readily apparent during the winter.  What might be a distant memory when a seller is selling in the summer, could be an expensive reality if not adequately documented during the inspection process.

Expedited Holiday Closing

Since December is a slow month, historically, moving companies, mortgage brokers, and escrow companies will be more available for you.  Fewer buyers mean faster, more personalized service.




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