Nicole M. Christopherson, the founder of NMC Realty Group, is launching the Work Hard, Smile Large program. The story behind this initiative begins with Nicole creating NMC independent brokerage – she and her husband Matt had just bought their first home and welcomed their second daughter into their growing family. Nicole wanted to establish that all-important work-life balance as she was dedicating many hours to her career and equally (if not more) to her motherly duties. 

Balancing Personal Life and Balancing Professional Life

Not wanting to choose between the family and friends she loved and her professional goals and dreams, which she had poured so much effort into, she decided to find an optimal balance. Nicole knew she needed to work hard to allow herself to smile large, and, just like that, she began reiterating this phrase: “Work Hard, Smile Large.” She shared the idea with her husband, who supported it wholeheartedly. Soon, her saying became the motto for her whole family.

When Nicole saw her daughters off to school, they would happily recite the saying to each other. To their, “work hard,” she’d respond, “smile large!” It was a reminder to focus on the important tasks for the day and to be grateful for everything they had – no matter how trivial. After sharing this message with her family, Nicole thought it was time to spread it to others. From fellow professionals and those in her community to friends and strangers, she wanted it to reach as many people as possible.

The Importance of Work Hard, Smile Large so Today 

Something as simple as working hard and smiling large is lost on people today – particularly women who struggle the most with finding the ‘perfect’ work-life balance. Indeed, studies have found that mothers with young children are less likely to work than when their children are older. And unfortunately, many parents will turn down a promotion or opportunity to advance their careers because of parenting responsibilities. Moreover, numerous working parents say they get treated as if they aren’t committed to their work because they have kids. 

Because of these challenges facing women and parents in general, Nicole decided to bring her life motto to the forefront via her Work Hard, Smile Large initiative, which seeks to foster and mentor the generations to come. She has found that having a positive mindset brings undeniable happiness. Similarly, being thankful for the good things in one’s life, such as – in Nicole’s case – her family and work, also brings tremendous joy. She doesn’t believe she would be where she is today without being mindful and grateful for all her blessings. 

Work Hard, Smile Large Goals: 

  • Inspire Positive Mindset: Youth & Adults
  • Empower Ambassadors to live the motto & share: Youth & Adults
  • Create a National Community: Youth & Adults
  • Host Events & Gatherings: Professional & Casual/ SOI
  • Collaborate with schools, families, sports, small businesses & Professionals

Empowering the Next Generation  

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